Empower a Girl Child starting Rs. 400

Project Overview

"En-Light a Girl Child" is a unique sustainable initiative towards addressing two crucial issues, one of perennial darkness in the rural households and the other of Girl Child Empowerment.
"En-Light a Girl Child" aims...
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State of Girl Child in India

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs named India as the most dangerous place in the world for a girl child in 2012. The female infant mortality rate in India is 97 for every 100 male infant deaths as compared to 122 male infant deaths for every 100 female infant deaths in the developing world as a whole.
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Power Crisis in the country.

A large section of rural households in India (43%, 7.2 crore households & 30 crore population) still depend on kerosene as the only/main source of lighting. Majority of these households belong to villages which are technically electrified...
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Social Benefits from the Project
Social Impact Current Scenario After LED Lanterns supplied


Insufficient light in the house to study during evening

Ideal time in the evening for children to study under
    bright LED Lantern


Kerosene lamps being used, the fumes of which are health hazard

No issue of fumes

Women Safety

Security risk for girls going out in the dark

Girls can carry the LED light in the evening / night while
    venturing out of their homes which increases safety

Girl Child Empowerment

Girl child discrimination is one of major social issues prevalent in the
   backward regions of India

Girl Child being the beneficiary semicolon after, it will promote the     importance of girl child in these regions; Awareness on Girl Child     Rights Constitutional Acts and Government schemes will     facilitate the process

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